hp servers

HP Servers

HP, the leading technology company, offers robust and advanced server solutions for all businesses. HP servers are powerful, reliable, stable, flexible, and highly secure systems that provide predictive alerts about part failures. They perform optimally for mission-critical workloads and applications.

Powerful Servers to Support Diverse Workflows

HP offers power-packed servers in the blade, tower and rack form factors and in various generations, with each generation bringing more advanced features and technologies with it. All the HP servers can support a variety of workloads. HP ProLiant server range delivers the highest security and efficiency for every workflow, optimized performance and better, quicker outcomes ensuring greater business growth.

Ultimate Performance with Multi-core Processors

Most of the HP servers use the Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors with multiple cores and high processing power. They are known to be the most advanced and fast processors, used widely with HP servers. These CPUs’ excellent compute and a higher number of cores enable your HP servers to deliver the ultimate performance for your business.


Splendid Memory and Storage Features

Huge memory and storage capacities are basic to the HP servers. Their high-end servers offer memory and storage without any boundaries. If you have memory-intensive applications or your workloads have large storage requirements, HP servers will transform your infrastructure with their next-gen storage and memory solutions. Your business may belong to any industry, HP servers will efficiently work for you.

Embedded with the Latest HP Solutions

HP servers have many advanced technology-based features built in them, offering effective and complete solutions for your business. Efficient server remote management features, intelligent automation, readiness for virtualization, fault tolerance, etc., are embedded in HP server systems. As a result, they eliminate the downtime risks and cater to all large-scale business needs, ensuring your mission-critical applications and workloads operate uninterrupted.

Tested & Certified by the Leading ISVs

HP servers pass through a testing and certification process by the world’s leading independent software vendors (ISVs). These in-depth tests are performed to test and measure the performance of the entire system. These ISV certifications ensure your HP server hardware is compatible with all the software applications that the server will run. In addition, they guarantee maximum availability and performance of your HP server.

Special SB Benefits on All HP Servers

Server Basket offers a wide range of HP servers in different form factors. You can get any model of HP servers you need for your business at an affordable price from us. We give additional discounts on bulk orders. Our HP servers come with manufacturer’s and seller’s warranties. We also provide expert, round the clock technical support to resolve your technical issues.

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