LAN Card (Ethernet Card/ NIC Card)

LAN card ethernet card NIC card

Are you searching for some quality Ethernet cards on the web? Server Basket has a wide collection of only the best PCIe LAN cards that are in huge demand in the market. Small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and large enterprises can incorporate these Ethernet cards into their servers from various brands without worrying about any compatibility issues. These LAN cards are suited for servers that demand high bandwidth connectivity and require fast data transfers to different locations around the world. Their performance and durability have been rigorously tested by expert technicians and they can deliver outstanding data transmission speeds for your servers without failing. Compared to the Ethernet cards available in the market, they can offer up to 10x better performance. Moreover, we provide a 90-day warranty on all our Ethernet cards that you can use to get them repaired or replaced in case of a malfunction.

Portable for High-bandwidth Connectivity

Our LAN card inventory includes only the best 10 gigabit Ethernet cards that are portable, and suitable for networks requiring high bandwidth. These LAN cards can support high-speed data transfers without any delay and can be used in systems handling virtualization, social networking apps, cloud computing, databases, simulations, caching, and many more.

Compatible with All Server Types & Brands

Servers from popular brands such as Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Supermicro, et cetera can deploy these gigabit Ethernet cards conveniently. They can work well with several operating systems like Windows, different Linux distributions, CentOS, etc. You can install them in all types of tower servers, rack servers, and blade servers.

portable for high bandwidth connectivity
10x faster speed and superior data delivery

10X Faster Speed and Superior Data Delivery

Businesses and data centers that work with database clusters and high-performance computing workloads require swift data delivery without any network lag. These 10 Gbps Ethernet cards are designed for fast data transmissions and great network connectivity. Get up to ten times faster performance and speed on your network with these LAN cards.

High-speed and Reliable Connectivity

Bid farewell to the network issues that you had to face with your current LAN cards. We provide different types of full-height Ethernet cards and half-height Ethernet cards that can easily deliver lightning-fast data transfers. These network cards can work reliably and you would not have to experience any network downtime or performance issues.

90-Day Assured Warranty

With Server Basket, you can be confident regarding your purchase. These Ethernet cards come with a 90-day assured warranty. The warranty will be applicable from the date of the purchase and will cover any fault or failure that you might encounter with the LAN card. Depending on the situation, the product can be repaired or replaced with a new one.


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