Supermicro Servers


Choosing the right server means maximizing your data centre’s performance, capability, and reliability. And, the Supermicro servers can efficiently serve all your IT enterprise needs. It offers many advantages over general-purpose servers. Supermicro rackmount servers are powered by the latest processors from Intel or AMD, supporting multiple cores for advanced processing power. They support 1U to 4U form factors and are capable of using redundant components and an unmatched range of I/O options. These high-end servers are densely designed to minimize downtime, intended to use low power, and offer excellent productivity. They will transform your business by providing maximum performance with advanced specifications. These servers are equipped with the most advanced technologies, ideal for work in media, gaming, construction, manufacturing, and other intense workloads. Shop the award-winning Supermicro servers from ServerBasket at the lowest price in the market, with maximum benefits and an assured warranty. If you want expert suggestions, talk to our team now.

High-end 1U,2U, and 4U Rack Servers

Whether a 1U server, 2U server, or 4U server, a Supermicro system is a highly optimized server, able to meet IT and data center needs effectively. The TwinPro systems in 1U and 2U form factor support up to four nodes, used for general storage and data centre use. FatTwin, in 4U form factor, has two, four, or eight nodes, used for computing and cloud purposes.

Ready for NAS / SAN Storage

The Supermicro servers are the latest mainstream storage servers and cover a variety of configurations, including NAS and SAN storage solutions. The extensive range of storage servers is beneficial for both structural data like database applications and unstructured data like file-based applications. With immense internal storage of up to 432 TB, you can easily manage backup and tackle business challenges.


Powerful & Scalable

Supermicro are built with scalability in mind to support large cloud data centers with applications that require powerful capabilities to deploy across your enterprise. This embedded IoT server is powerful and technologically advanced, unlike a general server. It is used to tackle the most complex and high-tech applications. If you work on any platform, the Supermicro server is up to the challenge.

Easy to Use and Manage

Almost every organization uses a Supermicro server. It is designed to support a wide range of business applications. These rackmount compact servers provide a variety of computing, networking, and storage platforms that can be safely managed. They are also popular due to their ease of management and administration, making them suitable for nearly every data centre.

Free Storage Configuration Support by SB

Do you want an expert to configure your Supermicro server based on your IT requirements? ServerBasket gives you free storage configuration facility with the Supermicro servers. Our dedicated engineer understands your needs and will work with you to customize and configure your server. We ensure you get the most suitable quality and unmatched support that maximizes your business performance.

Shipping to All Locations

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, our team will reach you. We are proudly saying that you can find your perfect Supermicro server with us and we will deliver it to any location. We promise quick and free delivery within 2-3 business days. We make sure all our products are securely dispatched so that they reach you with no damage.


Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

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