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Searching for affordable and reliable new servers to enhance your firm’s IT delivery? Server Basket offers high-quality Brand new servers to help you improve your business productivity and performance. Whatever the workload, we provide a comprehensive range of servers from well-known brands that can meet all of your IT needs.
We offer a large inventory of new servers from popular brands such as Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, etc. at attractive prices. You can also get your servers customized to meet specific requirements. We deliver these servers right to your doorstep on time at no extra cost. Our servers deliver unparalleled hi-speed performance through their advanced design. These servers can handle memory bound and graphic intensive workloads effectively. We also provide experienced pre-sales assistance to ensure that your shopping experience with us is pleasant and hassle-free.

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Latest Hi-speed Servers with Great Performance

Server Basket features a large server catalogue that includes racks, towers, and blade servers from a variety of brands. Cisco servers and other servers with advanced technologies, DDR4 RAM, and multiple storage options are available. These servers are specifically engineered to deliver hi-speed unimaginable performance that will surely boost up your business.

Support Memory-Intensive and Graphic-Intensive Applications

These servers are equipped with cutting-edge hardware and built-in features to support a wide range of memory and graphics-intensive applications. The intelligent RAM management feature of these servers enable resource-hungry applications like video encoding, virtualization, and 3D modelling to be done with ease.

Accommodate All Kinds of Workload Demands

We provide cost-effective, powerful servers so you don’t have to settle for weak performance. These servers work smoothly and keep your data secure and backed up. These servers can handle any degree of workload, whether it’s virtualization, VDIs, cloud operations, or HPC.

Benefit of Customized Configurations with Server Basket

Server Basket also gives you the option of customising your servers to meet your specific needs. Your Servers can be equipped with extra SAS and SATA storage to increase your data centre’s storage capacity. Multiple RDIMMs and UDIMMs, and processors of your choice can also be installed to enhance the processing speed.

Experienced Pre-Sales Assistance Available

Our experienced assistance team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. They can assist you in properly distinguishing between features of numerous Tower servers and Blade servers based on your company’s needs. They will clear all your queries regarding your product’s safe delivery and warranty services.

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