HP Refurbished Servers

hp refurbished servers

Do you wish to buy powerful and reliable Refurbished HP servers that deliver performance equivalent to new servers? We provide a huge array of Refurbished HP rack servers that have been tested and certified for quality and performance by skilled technicians. The HP rack servers come with high-performing Processors, large storage capacities, and high computational capabilities to meet your day to day IT requirements. These servers not only feature powerful processors and large storage volumes, but they also provide remote management features for businesses and offices that function remotely. HP also uses advanced snapshot technology to keep your data secure and backed up. Our Refurbished servers are long-lasting and provide excellent performance, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is never compromised. We also give you the option of customising your servers with additional storage and memory options to handle virtualization and other intensive workloads.

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Wide Range of HP Refurbished Servers Available

We offer a huge stock of Refurbished rack servers that are designed to handle multi-application workloads. Our extensive collection of multiple HP server models include HP DL160 G6, HP DL380 G8, HP DL360P G8HP DL180 G6, etc and they are capable of performing flawlessly without fail.

Custom Configuration Flexibility for Your Requirements

We can specifically customize your refurbished server to meet your desired requirements. The size and characteristics of your server can be adjusted to fit your available office space and business needs. Extra storage and RAM slots can also be installed if you want to scale up your servers.

Deliver Outstanding Performance and Reliability

HP rack servers are reliable and provide outstanding performance for applications that require a high processing power. They are designed using the best components for stability and durability. HP rack servers offer the best value for money since they maximize the performance and make the routine server maintenance simple.

Powered by Advanced Intel Xeon Processors

HP servers can support different series and versions from the Intel Xeon processor families with 4/6/8/10/12/14 core options. In a 14-core system, you have the option of connecting up to 56 virtual machines. These processors have high clock speeds to enable faster processing.

Save Big on Costs with Refurbished Servers

ServerBasket offers you the lowest price possible for these Refurbished servers in the market. In addition to this, these servers are certified by skilled specialists, and all of them have a warranty. We deliver these servers right to your doorstep in pristine condition at no additional costs.

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