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  • DELL EMC PowerMax 2500

    • Model: PowerMax 2500
    • Form Factor: 3U Rack
    • Max Drives per Array: 96
    • RAID Configuration: RAID 6(12+2), RAID 5(12+1), RAID 5(8+1), RAID 5(4+1)6, RAID1 (1+1)
    • Min RAW Cache Memory: 896GB
    • Maximum Raw Storage: 9PBe (Peta Bytes)
    • Scalable & Reliable performance
    • Genuine Server Spares
    • Free Installation & Remote Support
    • 24/7 Live Support
    USD 14,574USD 16,031

    DELL EMC PowerMax 2500

    USD 14,574USD 16,031
  • DELL EMC PowerMax 8500

    • Model: PowerMax 8500
    • Form Factor: 3U Rack
    • Processors: Intel Xeon Gold 6254 3.9 GHz
    • Max Drives per Array: 384
    • RAID Configuration: RAID 6(12+2), RAID 5(12+1), RAID 5(8+1), RAID1 (1+1)
    • Min RAW Cache Memory: 1792GB
    • Maximum Raw Storage: 20PBe (Peta Bytes)
    • Scalable & Reliable performance
    • Genuine Server Spares
    • Free Installation & Remote Support
    • 24/7 Live Support
    USD 15,500USD 17,050

    DELL EMC PowerMax 8500

    USD 15,500USD 17,050

Dell PowerMax Storage


Exclusive Deals on Dell PowerMax Storage Servers..!

Optimize storage and innovate securely with unprecedented performance. Dynamic servers with full automation and cyber-resilient features to protect vital data, are now available with Server Basket at the best deals and discounts. Adapt to intelligent automation for an uninterrupted workflow. Save time and resources with Dell’s software-driven storage solutions.

A powerful NVMe storage dense server, the first of its kind from DELL EMC technology, that uses Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) architecture to deliver unrivaled enterprise-level performance. A simple yet high-potential storage server with high-speed storage class memory (SCM) featuring scalable I/O to support Real-time analytics, AI and big data applications, and other innovative operations. The Dell Power Max storage configurations supported by PowerMax 2000 and 8000 include 1.9TB, 3.84TB, 7.68TB, 15.36TB, 750GB, and 1.5TB SCM drives. The PowerMax 2000 list price is now available at the lowest among all the online vendors at Server Basket.

How can Dell PowerMax data storage platform be ideal for your business?

Complete & Powerful NVMe Storage Architecture

Complete & Powerful NVMe Storage Architecture

Dell PowerMax servers are designed to provide a hundred percent end-to-end NVMe architecture supporting very high storage capacity. These Dell servers support Native NVMe Drive Array Enclosures (DAEs), industry standard SCM and NVMe flash drives. They support enterprise scale consolidation and have integrated real-time AI. This allows I/O recognition and data placement across SCM and flash drives.

Advanced Deduplication and Compression

Minimize Storage Requirements with Advanced Deduplication and Compression

Be resourceful with your storage space using PowerMax Dell servers’ data reduction functions. Embedded Inline Deduplication (Dedupe) and Adaptive Compression engine (ACE) work together to provide effective lower backend and frontend usable capacity. Dedupe identifies similar datasets and stores them as a single instance whereas ACE compresses the size of the datasheets.

Enterprise-class Efficiency in Storage and Data Security

Enterprise-class Efficiency in Storage and Data Security

Smart RAID gives access to RAID groups to be shared among directors, thereby providing them active access to all drives on bricks. PowerMax OS’s universal sparring detects failing drives and copies data onto a spare drive of the same engineer. Features like end-to-end efficient encryption and Data-at-Rest Encryption are available for data security along with  Role-Based authentication(RAC), tamper-proof audit logs and secure snaps, and others.

Intelligent Automation and Ultimate Scalability

Intelligent Automation and Ultimate Scalability

Dell PowerMax servers are integrated with a simple to use API for storage provisioning, configuration of data services, performance monitoring and alerting, and array configuration. Various IT automation tools like VMware vRO and vRA, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible modules, and others are embedded. It supports high scalability for cloud computing and mission-critical applications through NVMe and SCM  configurable drives.

Industry-leading Storage Performance and I/O Density

Unparalleled performance and scalability are provided by SCM technology and speedy SAN infrastructure along with expandable I/O capacity. PowerMax servers support 350GBps throughput (187 K IOPS per rack unit) and up to 15M IOPS to support I/O operations. These servers are also integrated with PowerMaxOS that power high performance and I/O management.

Secure your Critical data with Integrated Cyber Resilience

Keep your data protected with data encryption tools and user-based authentication. For zero-trust security architectures and crucial applications, PowerMax is equipped to protect against data breaches. PowerProtect Storage Direct secures from ransom attacks and other cyberattacks like immutability and data isolation. Other include Hardware Root of Trust, Multi-factor authentication for SecureID, Data-at-rest encryption, CloudIQ, and 65 Msec secure snaps for a single array.

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