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Get ready to achieve new levels of IT operation with the revolutionary Dell EMC PowerStore storage servers. Now, maintaining any change quickly is made possible with an always-modern platform built on cutting-edge storage technology. Add it to your cart for the lowest price and an exciting discount exclusively offered by ServerBasket.

Is it getting harder to manage your enterprise data storage? Making data accessible to users and analytics platforms, however, is becoming more difficult and expensive due to continuously expanding data volumes and performance-hungry applications. Dell EMC PowerStore was created to defy convention and offer high-storage infrastructure performance and flexibility. It is constructed from the ground up with cutting-edge technology and knowledge to meet the difficulties of the digital era. For faster data access and response times, the software applications and virtualized workloads can run directly on a dedicated array. Check out the PowerStore Server spec sheet on ServerBasket or give us a call to learn more.

How Dell PowerStore data storage servers will benefit your business?

Intelligent, Self-optimized Enterprise Storage

Intelligent, Adaptable Self-optimized Enterprise Storage

In order to handle all workload-related problems in a business, Dell EMC PowerStore servers have an innovative framework that boasts knowledge, intelligent systems, and adaptable self-optimized storage capacity. This system makes sure that you always have plenty of room to modify your plan as you go, regardless of where your data is located or how you use it.

AI-driven Automation

AI-driven Automation and Management to Simplify Operations

To make upgrades simple, AI and machine learning management are already integrated. Therefore, start by keeping things simple. The Dell Technologies PowerStore can improve self-optimizing processes, efficacy, performance, and availability even while making quick changes without the need for manual intervention. Each storage service’s setup and maintenance are automated. It continuously monitors the environment and automates load-balancing modification processes.

Higher Performance

Higher Performance and Capacity for Distributed Workloads

The PowerStore was designed with improved performance and capacity in mind for the diversified and distributed workload scenarios of today. Your business-critical programs and data are protected from hostile threats as well as environmental loss and corruption. The Dell PowerStore replication is the first step to support high availability, which is followed by the software-based Dynamic Resiliency Engine.

Achieve More Efficiency

Achieve More Efficiency and Scalability for Today's IT Infra

In order to scale in the face of exponential data expansion, organizations must use technology that simplifies processes, gets rid of complexity, and streamlines operations. The Dell EMC PowerStore is a platform capable of handling present-day IT difficulties while being adaptable and expandable enough to handle future IT requirements. It offers revolutionary storage that does away with conventional trade-offs and permits remote data monitoring among devices connected.

Accelerate your Datacenter with Containerized Software Structure

By using a container-based structure to maximize agility and unlock the potential of your data, Dell EMC PowerStore achieves new levels of operational simplicity. This storage system, which is based on hardware designed specifically for it, supports workloads that are either block-optimized or unified (block-and-file). Additionally, it has AppsON capabilities that enable customers to deploy applications and services straight on the array.

Designed for Quick Deployment, Scale-up and Scale-out Architecture

A flexible platform with a performance-focused design, the PowerStore storage system offers scale-up and scale-out capabilities, often data reduction, and support for the next media. Customers may expand their clusters with no reliance on the model number, drive count, or even drive types, thanks to this flexible scale-out and scale-up deployment, which provides all the benefits of a file, folder, and data storage base for business.

Get the Most Recent Storage Technology at ServerBasket

The PowerStore 500T, 1000T, and 3000T variants of Dell PowerStore are built on three specialized platforms that are powered by 2U, two-node form, and dual-socket Intel Xeon processors. With ServerBasket, you can access the extensive next-generation midrange of Dell PowerStore models designed for customers that appreciate affordability, adaptability, and simplicity.

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