10G LAN Cards



Do you need an effective LAN card to prevent network latency or meet the heavy workloads? Consider 10G ethernet or LAN cards available with ServerBasket that can support various servers and workstations such as IBM, HP, Dell, etc. The 10G network cards provide reliable data transfers by linking the computers or workstations efficiently to your IT environment. These LAN cards are available with Fiber or RJ45 options, and are faster. They are suitable for virtualization, with their features like high network performance, flexibility and scalability for high-end applications.

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Fastest Data Transfer with 10GBE Speed

The 10G LAN card has ten times more speed than the Gigabit ethernet and so provides the highest transfer speed. It improves the bandwidth of applications used for virtualization, huge file transfers, video editing, etc. along with the bandwidth needed within your network.

Modules for Fiber & RJ45 10G Cards

Our 10G LAN cards can be used over fiber optic lines, or using the RJ45 connector. You can choose whichever option suits you. Rest assured both the modules will allow connecting your systems to the network efficiently and functioning at higher speeds.

10G Cards for All Server & Workstation Brands

10G LANs effectively support all types of workstation and server brands like HP, IBM, Dell, etc. They deliver high performance while dealing with demanding applications. The network adapters provide standardized and reliable solutions.

Best option for Virtualized Environments

These LAN cards are a convenient option for virtualization. Instead of using multiple Gigabit ethernet ports together, the LAN card allows your systems to stay connected to a single server, while increasing the connection speeds helping in reliable data transmission.

Extremely High Networking performance

By incorporating 10G LAN cards into the servers, the network performance will enhance and eliminate low bandwidth, overload, etc. These cards are suitable for the efficient operation of high-intensive applications and database management.

Provides maximum power, scalability & flexibility

10G ethernet or network cards can fit everywhere, from entry-level to enterprise-level servers as they are built flexible. They can deliver high performance with low power consumption, and help you achieve the business goals and meet the growing demands.

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