HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11

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  • ProLiant DL385 Gen11
  • Form Factor: 2U Rack Mount
  • Supported Processor: 4th Gen AMD EPYC
  • Total Memory Slots: 24 DIMMs
  • PCI slots: 8 PCIe Gen5 slots
  • Max Memory: 6.0 TB with 256 GB DDR5
  • Max Cores: 192 Cores
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Do you need a robust server at the best-discounted price to accelerate your workloads? Get the HPE ProLiant DL385 G11 server at low prices only at ServerBasket. With the most efficient capabilities, it provides you with accelerator-optimized performance. Equipped with up to two 4th-generation AMD EPYC processors, optimal GPU support, and DDR5 memory, the server is an excellent choice to meet high computing and storage demands. It is a solid 2U 2P system to help you keep pace with data growth in the hybrid world. With PCIe Gen5 slots, iLO 6, and RAID options for high availability, you can take control over various aspects of your server. Shop on the ServerBasket online store to avail of unbelievable discounts on the HPE ProLiant DL385 G11 server. We also provide you with a range of benefits that includes easy 7-day returns, a 3-year warranty, free tech and installation support, and customized configuration. Place your order now!


Enable Intuitive, Automated Cloud Operating Experience for Operational Transformation

HPE ProLiant DL385 G11 is a high-performing 2U dual-socket solution engineered to cater to the demands of a hybrid world. Transform your enterprise operations and leverage an intuitive, automated cloud operating experience. With EDSFF storage, up to 2×16 PCIe Gen5, two OCP slots, and 24 DIMMs for 6TB DDR5 memory, it offers optimal I/O bandwidth and low latency.

Instant Shipping, Hassle-free Returns

At ServerBasket, our logistics and transportation team ensures quick shipping and safe delivery of your server. Once you place the order, we instantaneously ship it for agile doorstep delivery. We also provide you with a 7-day return policy. If you are dissatisfied with it, you can return it in its original condition during this period.

Free Product Demo

Our team provides you with a live demo of the HPE ProLiant DL385 G11 server. It enables you to understand its features, operations, and functionalities. Based on your business needs, you can accordingly customize its configuration. Our pre-sales assistance allows you to make the best business choices.

Warranty Coverage

A comprehensive 3-year warranty coverage backs our HPE ProLiant DL385 G11 server. Within this period, if you face hardware issues, we will provide you free-of-cost services for easy repairs and replacements. It ensures better reliability and longevity for your server, facilitating higher ROI.


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Technical Specification

Brand HP
Server Model ProLiant DL385 Gen11
Form Factor 2U Rackmount
Processor Model 4th Gen AMD EPY CPU’s
No. of Processor Sockets 2
Max Cores 192 Cores
Max Memory 6.0 TB
Total Memory Slots 24 DIMM’s
Supported Graphics Card Upto 1920 x 1200@60Hz (32 bpp)
Supported Hard Drives (Hot-Plug) Hot Plug 3.5-inch SAS HDD 400 TB 20TB x (12+4+4)
Hot Plug 3.5-inch SATA HDD 400 TB 20TB x (12+4+4)
Hot Plug 3.5-inch SATA SSD 153.6 TB 7.68TB x (12+4+4)
Hot Plug 2.5-inch SAS HDD 81.6 TB 2.4TB x (24+8+2)
Hot Plug 2.5-inch SAS SSD 261.12 TB 7.68TB x (24+8+2)
Hot Plug 2.5-inch SATA HDD 68 TB 2TB x (24+8+2)
Hot Plug 2.5-inch SATA SSD 261.12 TB 7.68TB x (24+8+2)
Hot Plug 2.5-inch NVMe PCIe SSD 522.24 TB NVMe 15.36TB x (24+8+2)
Supported Operating System Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2022
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.0
PCIe Slots (Expansion Slots) 8 x PCIe 5.0 Slots
Supported RAID Controllers HPE Smart Array E208e-p SR Gen10,
SR932i-p Gen11 x32 Controller
MR408i-o Gen11 x8 Controller
MR416i-p Gen11 x16 Controller
MR416i-o Gen11 x16 Controller
MR216i-o Gen11 x16 Controller
MR216i-p Gen11 x16 Controller
Reduntant Hot-plug Power Supply Hot Plug 800W Platinum Low Halogen
Hot Plug 1600W Platinum Low Halogen

Product Information

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16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 84, 96

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What type of workloads is the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 server suitable for?

HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 excels in a variety of applications and workloads, including big data analytics, machine learning, AI, high-performance computing, virtualization, and cloud deployment with features such as advanced computing with powerful processors, extensive memory capacity, and GPU-based acceleration. It makes it ideal for handling heavy, data-intensive tasks. The server ensures reliable and secure operation in the fields of scientific computing, financial modeling, video rendering, IoT data processing, and medical imaging, due to its versatility and robustness.

Which processors does the HPE DL385 G11 server support?

The HPE DL385 G11 server supports two 4th Generation AMD EPYC 9004 series processors including EPYC 9124 3.0GHz 16-core, 9184X 3.55GHz 16-core, 9174F 4.1GHz 16-core, 9224 2.5GHz 24-core, 9354 3.25GHz 32-core, 9374F 3.85GHz 32-core, 9384X 3.1GHz 32-core, 9554 3.1GHz 64-core, and, 9684X 2.55GHz 96-core models with part numbers P53702-B21, P63491-B21, P63492-B21, P53698-B21, P58540-B21, P53701-B21, P53700-B21, P53710-B21 and P63493-B21. With a dual-processor design, it boasts up to 128 cores from the Gen4 AMD EPYC CPUs. This server excels in Big Data analytics, ML, and AI because of its excessive computing power, memory intensity, and max frequency reaching up to 4.4 GHz. Businesses can benefit greatly from the extensive features of the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 server. It easily masters complex tasks such as recommendation engines, data flows, and managing simulations.

How much total RAM can I get with the ProLiant DL385 G11 server?

The HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 is a memory powerhouse with 6TB DDR5 HPE Smart memory at 4800MT/s in total 24 RDIMM slots. It effortlessly handles memory-intensive tasks like AI, ML, big data analytics, and simulation, offering faster execution of tasks leading to high performance. You can easily visualize data at your fingertips, and speed everything up. Some DDR5-supported memories are 16GB Single Rank x8 (part # P50309-B21), Single Rank x4 32GB (part # P50310-B21), Dual Rank x8 32GB (part # P50311-B21), Dual Rank x4 64GB (part # P50312-B21), Dual Rank x4 96GB (part # P66676-B21), Quad Rank x4 128GB (part # P50313-B21), and Octal Rank 8x4 256GB (part # P50314-B21)

What security features are integrated into the DL385 Gen11 server?

The HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen11 server has strong security measures to ensure complete protection. It contains hardware security features including the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and HPE Silicon Root of Trust which establish a secure foundation from silicon to firmware. Software protection is made reliable with HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) with counterfeit protection, which is to stop unauthorized accessing and modifying. The AMD secure processor feature also provides a secure boot function. This combination ensures a good security environment which is achieved by preventing any kind of threats to sensitive data and resources.

What are the advantages of buying the DL385 G11 server from ServerBasket?

Upon buying a DL385 G11 server from ServerBasket, you get many perks that are designed to boost your satisfaction. We are on a mission to give you the lowest possible price to make sure that your investment remains cost-effective. Our rapid shipping and delivery guarantee means your products arrive quicker, even on the same. Additionally, we offer live, free product demos to help you make the right decision. You can be sure that our returns process will give you a smooth transaction. The 24-hour technical support team is available by phone or chat, all the time, to help the customers have a seamless experience.

What warranty coverage does the HPE ProLiant DL385 G11 server come with?

The HPE DL385 G11 server comes with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, where the repairs and replacements during the said period are taken care of by the SB store as per their terms and conditions, hence providing complete peace of mind for your investment in this modern server designed for enterprises and data centers.

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