Supermicro Rack Servers


Can you find the perfect server that can match your heavy workloads with energy efficiency? The Supermicro rackmount servers come as enterprise-grade end-to-end solutions. With cutting-edge technology, the Supermicro rackmount servers provide a portfolio of system solutions and meets the futuristic demands of the data-driven business world. Powered by the latest Intel Xeon Processors, you can get these as Supermicro 1U servers, Supermicro 2U servers, and Supermicro 4U servers that can easily fit into any rack cabinet size. The capability of using renewable power components will help to virtually eliminate downtime and maximize performance. A superior design and uncompromised quality make it a leader in the rackmount server market. We take pride in announcing that Supermicro rack servers are available at Server Basket at the lowest price. To maintain a profound relationship with our customers, we have a technical support team at your service 24/7, to resolve your issues.

Servers with the Best Performance and Serviceability

The Supermicro rackmount chassis is designed to deliver functions for enterprises that are optimized for high density, at low cost. The Supermicro servers can meet the flexibility and serviceability demands of IT industries and intense applications. With the tool-less facility and lower maintenance time, these are highly recommended servers for data centers.

Ideal for Various Workloads and Applications

A high-grade Supermicro rackmount server rich with multimedia features and powerful computing and graphics capabilities is ideally suited to handle a wide range of workloads in a business environment. Supporting the most recent multimedia options allows them to increase productivity. It is helpful for designers in various industries, including media, entertainment, and manufacturing.

Servers with the Best Performance

Perfect for Low-latency Applications

With great application responsiveness, the hyper-speed Supermicro server has best-in-class features for AWS, IoT, and private cloud services that are low-latency, and need a low-latency computing system and network. It can process a large volume of data and return results without any delay.

Versatile Storage Options

These servers have an extensive range of high storage solutions, supporting a variety of drives and storage capacities. With high-performing storage drives, it can maximize production and reduce costs. These servers are good for sophisticated data centres and operating high-level applications.

Free Installation & 24/7 Technical Assistance

There is no installation fee. Get free assistance with the configuration and setup of any application. Help is available from ServerBasket to solve thousands of your technical issues anytime. Get remote tech support and step-by-step guidance via phone, text, or chat. Speak to our support specialist today!


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