Do you wish to get rid of your old and outdated servers that have outlived their usefulness? You can use Server Basket’s server buyback program to dispose of your obsolete IT hardware for a decent price. Our specialists genuinely check the components and then offer you the best buyback deal. Further, we recycle all types of server and hardware parts including rack servers, tower servers, blade servers, hard disks, and others. We provide the industry’s best IT asset recovery and management services. In our good conscience, we always keep in mind the relevant legal IT legislation while handling your out-of-date and used IT equipment. We permanently wipe all your data and disassemble your server and its components. To know more about our buyback plans, you can get in contact with our 24×7 operational technical support team. They can walk you through the entire procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Recycle the Used IT Equipment

Through our server buyback plan, you can recycle all types of used and end-of-life servers. We dispose of your assets in a responsible and ethical way so that it does not harm the environment. This gives you an opportunity to safely decommission your outdated IT hardware and you can redeem money for it.

Exchange Your Old Products for a Good Value

Get maximum benefits while selling your old servers to us. Under our Dell server buyback and HP server buyback plans, we pledge to provide the best prices so you can get a great profit in exchange. Our experts thoroughly inspect your hardware to determine its worth and then offer you the most suitable quote.

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Best IT Asset Recovery and Management Service

Recovering monetary value from your decommissioned IT hardware can be a wonderful way to increase your company’s revenue. You may use this money to invest in new equipment and services. We provide the best IT asset recovery and management services for our customers by offering excellent current market value for your assets and also responsibly managing and handling the old assets.

Complete Disassembling and Data Removal

We at Server Basket value our clients’ security. Our technicians follow a set of legal procedures to safely disassemble your old servers and their parts. You need not be worried about your private data because we ensure all your sensitive data is permanently erased. We deploy the latest data erasure techniques to make sure that no data is left behind.

Eco-friendly Practices for Safe Environment

We strictly condemn individuals and organizations that pollute the environment to maximize their profits. We follow stringent legal and eco-friendly practices while handling your old IT products so that your hardware does not end up at a landfill. We extract the precious as well as hazardous metals from the hardware parts before completely disposing it off.


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