DELL poweredge servers buyback

DELL PowerEdge Servers Buyback


Are you looking for buyers to sell old Dell servers to get their maximum value? We at Server Basket run Dell server buyback programme wherein we purchase old and decrepit Dell PowerEdge servers from a wide range of businesses and organizations. Rack, tower, and blade server configurations in any condition can be sold to us. Taking out your old system allows you to make space for newer and more productive servers, designed to take on present massive business loads. Compared to other buyers, we pledge to offer you the highest market value for these servers. We also provide a free on site pick up service where our shipping team will collect the servers from your facility. These servers will undergo a thorough data wiping process where every trace of your data will be wiped clean. We will issue certificates of data and server destruction which can serve as proof of our honest and professional service.

Sell us Your Used/Old Dell Servers

After years of continuous usage, the servers that you bought a few years ago cannot perform as efficiently now. They have fulfilled your business IT operations all this time and now it’s time to retire them. You can Sell used Dell servers to us online without leaving the comfort of your chair. We accept all kinds of Dell PowerEdge rack, blade, and tower servers such as Dell PowerEdge M830 Blade Server, Dell PowerEdge M640 Blade Server, Dell PowerEdge R920 Server, Dell PowerEdge R730xd Rack Server, Dell PowerEdge R640 Rack Server, Dell PowerEdge T320 Tower Server, etc. No matter the age, their condition or the model, all generations of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with different hardware components will be accepted by us.

Best Option to Upgrade Worn-out and Slow Systems

Datacenter owners need to upgrade and replace their old IT assets from time to time. This is necessary to maintain the efficiency of the business operations. Old and worn-out servers cannot take on today’s rapidly growing business-critical workloads. There might also be many non-functional servers that might be sitting in your data center gathering dust. To maximize your IT productivity, you should invest in fresh and better servers. A good way to go through this process would be to sell them in exchange for monetary value. We buy back Dell tower servers as well as rack and blade servers. You can get rid of these old Dell PowerEdge servers and invest the money gained in better IT assets.

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Guaranteed Good Value on Your Used Servers

You might have made a sizable investment in your servers when you bought them. While discarding them, it is only fair that you try to recoup as much of that original investment as possible. Different buyers would offer different prices for your servers. Some might offer less than their designated market value. Some would even try to defraud you and take your money. In such a scenario, you need a proven buyer that promises you the best returns on these servers. Under our Dell PowerEdge servers buyback plan, we guarantee to offer the best possible valuation for your Dell servers, depending on their market value when you sell them to us. Our pricing algorithm compares the price with several other buyers and then offers you the finest deal.

Quick Quotations for All Dell Server Models

Slow and delayed service is not preferred by anyone. People would opt for a service where service is quick and timely. We value your time and strive to provide you with prompt and courteous service. To begin with, make a list of the Dell servers that you want to sell to us. If you do not have a list available then we can tell you their value by their model number, hardware specifications, purchase date, condition, and pictures. Once you submit this, you will instantly receive the best quote for your Dell servers. You can take your time and decide on our offer. Our prices are carefully evaluated by our pricing algorithm based on the current market value of the server and compares it with other buyback dealers before offering the best deal.

Complete Dismantling and Data Erasure Process Followed

After your servers reach our facility, we will commence to dismantle them. Our expert technicians will examine them and try to estimate their worth. We will disassemble the system and take out the processors, RAM, graphic cards, storage drives, RAID controller cards and other components. We will check these components and see if they hold any value. Storage devices will go through a strict data erasure procedure wherein we will use sophisticated software to permanently wipe out all the data contained within them. The data erasure procedure will be performed in accordance with the standards set by the legal bodies. Scrap and useless components will be destroyed and recycled in an environmentally friendly way and the usable parts will be sold on the market.

Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

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