Cisco-UCS Server buyback

Cisco UCS Servers Buyback


Looking to get rid of your old and used Cisco UCS servers in exchange for a good price? We can buy back rack, tower, and blade Cisco UCS servers from you. We welcome all the server models with varied specifications and different conditions. Selling these unusable servers would help you to make some space for new IT equipment in your data center and it will also help you to recoup some of the investment that you made on these servers. Compared to other server buyers, we are completely transparent with our buyback process and pledge to offer you the highest possible price for the Cisco servers. You can get a quote for any server from us within minutes. We also provide an on-site pickup service where our shipping team will reach out to you for a date and time and collect the servers. They will transport them to our location in secure packaging.

Buyback Program for Cisco UCS Servers

Are there Old Cisco servers sitting in your data center occupying unnecessary space and collecting dust? If the answer is yes then you might want to consider selling them. We have a Cisco UCS server buy back program under which we accept Cisco servers in all form factors, configurations, or models. No matter what the condition of your server is or how old it is, we will buy it from you. Popular server models such as Cisco UCS C220 M4 Rack Server, Cisco UCS C240 M4 2U Rack Server, Cisco UCS C220 M5 Rack Server, Cisco UCS B200 M6 Blade Server, Cisco UCS B480 M5 Blade Server, and many others can be sold to us in exchange for great monetary value.

Get Custom Quotes for your Old Cisco Servers

There are multiple buyers to whom you can sell your servers. But are you sure they will offer you a good price for them? Won’t they misuse your servers or try to defraud you? We offer the highest possible quote for your server by deciding the server’s price depending on its prevailing market value. You can make a list of all your used Cisco servers or you can share with us their model number, purchase date, condition, pictures, etc. Once we get this list, our server specialist will approximate the best value of the servers and then instantly offer you the most attractive custom quote.

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Reliable and Secure Data Removal

While selling your servers, one of the major concerns you might have is your data privacy. Data, if fallen into the wrong hands, can harm your organization’s name, reputation as well as progress. That’s why, wiping up all data before starting the server decommissioning procedure is critical. We deploy modern and sophisticated data removal procedures on your storage drives to permanently delete all your data. The latest and certified data erasure software is used to carry out this process after which there will be no traces of data left on the system. To showcase our honesty, integrity, and professionalism, we will also provide you with certificates of data removal and destruction that will serve as proof of our genuine services.

Expand Your ROI in the Process

You might have invested a lot in powerful and popular servers years ago. But after years of operating the servers, their performance and efficiency have diminished now. Now is the time to look for new Cisco servers that you can set up in your data center and give your business operations a significant boost. You can cut down the purchasing budget for these new servers by selling your old servers. Selling your used Cisco servers will help you recover a large portion of your initial investment. You can use this fund to buy modern and cutting-edge servers with outstanding processors, graphic cards, storage, memory, and other specifications. So retiring your outdated servers can help you to increase your return on investment.

Tested and Managed by Experienced Technicians

Servers from organizations tend to contain lots of private and sensitive company data that should not be leaked. To make sure that your servers are decommissioned safely and securely, they are managed by our highly experienced technicians. When your servers reach our facility, our technicians will thoroughly examine and evaluate the servers for their value. They will assess their condition and also check the worth of their internal components. After the evaluation, they will test the components and decide if they can be used further or not. If there is still some use left for them, they will be refurbished and sold on the open market. Unusable IT assets will be discarded and will be recycled while adhering to all the necessary legal and environmental laws set by the government.

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