Where to Sell Old Laptops


Do you have an old laptop sitting in your workplace that is not functioning properly or its performance might have decreased over time due to heavy use? If this is the case then you might want to Sell old laptops Online and recover some of its original investment to buy a new and better laptop. The ultimate IT-related products and services store, Server Basket has a really simple program through which you can get rid of your used laptops. Through this scheme, you can seamlessly contact us to get the highest value for your laptop and sell it to us. We strive to establish an honest and professional relationship with our customers so that they are happy after conducting business with us. Without further ado, let us answer some of the common questions that our clients encounter when they are planning to sell their laptops.

Buyback and Exchange of Old/Used Laptops

If you are thinking “where to sell my old laptop”, then we can end your headache of finding a buyer to whom you can sell your old laptop in return for cash or a better laptop at a steep discount. Server Basket welcomes used and worn-out laptops that have been lying in your home or office for quite some time, gathering dust. Our Laptop Buyback and Exchange program is really easy and simple and users can sell the old laptops and sell old laptop batteries through our website. We will provide a free shipping service so you can deliver your laptop to us where we will cleanse and format them to get rid of the residual data.

Why should I sell my old laptop?

Among the several reasons to sell your used laptop let us discuss some of the common ones. You might have bought your laptop at a time when it was offering some great specs. But after years of usage, its performance has deteriorated. New laptops with powerful specifications have flooded the market. You can get rid of your old laptop and buy a new one to boost your productivity. Another reason that many users have is that your hardware might be damaged or broken. It might be a cracked screen, dead battery, malfunctioning keyboard or something else. You can sell it to recoup some of your investment. Some professionals might be looking for a more powerful laptop for gaming, video editing or other resource-intensive applications and can sell their current laptop.

sell your old laptops

How much amount should I expect in return for my used laptop?

The amount that you can make by selling your laptop might vary from brand to brand and model to model. The condition of the laptop will also play an important part in determining the final pricing of your laptop. A laptop older than ten or more years will have a comparatively low price as compared to its original price. Recent laptops with better hardware, GPUs and several other specs will sell for a much better price in the market due to their large demand. Visit our website and submit your laptop details–its model number, date of purchase, condition and other relevant information. Our laptop hardware specialist will analyze your laptop and get back to you with the best quote in the whole market.

What Kinds of Laptops Do You BuyBack?

Whether it is a really old, worn-out, or damaged laptop, each of them might carry a value that will not be visible to a normal eye. Even completely dead laptops can have a significant value attached to them or their parts. Server Basket can buy back all types of laptops from popular brands such as HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, MSI, Acer, Asus, and many others. If you want to sell old Dell laptops, then please note We accept notebooks, ultraportables, Chromebooks, convertibles 2 in 1, tablets, et cetera as laptops. We would prefer if you would sell the laptop to us with all its original accessories like the charger, cooling pad, and lap desk. This would help to ensure that you get the maximum possible returns for your system.


We created this comprehensive post that elaborates everything on selling your old laptops. You would need a trustworthy entity who can handle this process responsibly and not jeopardize your reputation by leaking your data. Server Basket is a reliable, certified, and well-known portal that is trusted by thousands of our clients that are very much satisfied with our service. You can get the highest value quote based on the current market conditions for your laptop and then if you are content with the offer you can choose to sell it to us to get maximum profits. We will collect the laptop from you through our free shipping service after which we will perform a thorough data erasure procedure on your laptop before reselling it to other vendors or individuals.

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