Data Center Disposal Services

What are data centers?

A data center is a physical facility in which organizations can house their computer/server systems and related components, and run their shared IT operations and applications from there. Data center equipment consists of servers, switches, routers, storage infrastructure, firewalls, and many other similar parts, all working together to process, store and disseminate data. A data center facility also has UPS, power subsystem, cooling system, backup generators and fire suppression system. Currently, there are four types of data centers. Colocation data centers offer space and servers in their own facility that other companies can rent. They are located away from company premises. Enterprise data centers are operated, maintained and hosted on the company’s private property. Managed services data centers are deployed and managed by third-party service providers. Businesses can rent computing resources from them and the data center is located off-premises. With cloud data centers, companies can run their applications on cloud resources and services.

What is included in data center disposal services?

Data Center disposal services can encompass a variety of services and processes. A preliminary site audit is the first step where our team will assess the location, equipment, and complexities that can arise during the project. After the assessment, our team will disconnect and remove all the equipment like the servers, routers, switches, et cetera. Then we will match and verify the equipment with the list provided by you to make sure none of the IT assets is missing or mischaracterized. The data destruction and erasure process is the next stage where server data is wiped and deleted permanently. After all this, if the equipment still has any use left, it will be refurbished and sold on the market. Else they will be recycled responsibly, following all the environmental preservation guidelines.

Why should I Choose Server Basket for the same?

Finding someone that can responsibly handle and dispose of your IT assets is a tiring but extremely critical job. This job requires someone who can dispose of your company’s private data and decommission the equipment in a structured way. Some ITAD service providers would look for cheap and convenient ways to go through this process, creating several issues for their customers and others. ServerBasket is a popular IT-related services provider that can provide data center asset disposal services in an honest way at cost-effective pricing. We have established our reliability and integrity in the market and we provide certificates of data destruction, recycling, the chain of custody documents, etc. wherever needed. These documents are necessary proof that your data has been permanently erased and your IT assets have been properly decommissioned.


End-to-end Data Center Services by SB

ServerBasket is the largest online shop for IT products and related services at very attractive pricing. Our data center services provide complete and thorough solutions for data center management, decommissioning, data erasure, and data center recycling services. Round-the-clock data center services can be availed from us which can include management and monitoring the servers to disposing of the IT equipment. We also provide continuous 24/7 technical support for our users so they can have effective solutions to their issues instantly. We offer a free shipping service to transport your IT assets to our facility for disposal as part of our data center disposal services. As confirmation of our genuine and trustworthy services, certificates and the chain of custody documentation will be provided.

Data Center Disposal by Experienced Professionals

Data center disposal is a sensitive task, which if goes wrong, can harm a business and damage its reputation and profits. Company and user data leaks from your discarded IT assets can be used against your company and end-users in several evil ways. This can also attract hefty fines from the government towards you. So it is highly important that you choose someone who can properly provide data center disposal services with a 100% success rate. Our team consists of incredibly experienced professionals and technicians that have gathered years of experience. They perform data erasure processes carefully and with maximum efficiency so there are no traces left of your company data. They can assess the quality and worth of the equipment properly and decide if they should be recycled or remarketed.


Through this post, we expect that you have understood the sensitive nature of the data center disposal service and its associated risks. Choosing a responsible ITAD service provider is very crucial and one should not look for cheaper services that can harm your data, reputation, and the environment. Disposing of large data centers is a complex and difficult task that involves proper coordination, management, and execution so that your other day-to-day business operations are not affected in any way. Server Basket is here to effectively help you fulfill the data center disposal job. We will calculate all the associated risks and complications and then devise a proper plan to ensure that you get a quick and thorough data center decommissioning and disposal service.

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