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Where to Sell Used Servers


Are you searching for a way to make space in your data center? How about you sell your outdated and discarded servers and make some cash while doing so? Getting rid of those old work machines will allow you to upgrade your data center with better and the latest IT hardware. Server Basket is the most popular and legitimate place where you can sell used servers. We accept all types of servers from each and every brand and also handle everything from packing them at your facility to recycling them at the recycling unit. You can receive instant payment for your servers through many payment methods and portals. Users are generally confused and quite anxious while selling their servers. They fear that their data might be at risk. With Server Basket, you can be 100% sure of your data security and safety as we completely wipe your data clean.

What kind of servers do you buyback?

Organizations keep a wide range of servers in their data centers. Datacenter owners have to sell some of the servers after a while due to multiple reasons. We buy back all types of servers including bulky and light rack servers, blade servers, and tower servers from all renowned brands such as Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, IBM, etc. Each component of the server as well as the internal software holds a very significant value that can be traded in the market to recover some of the server’s original investment. The server can be functioning properly or its performance could have degraded or the server might be dead: we will welcome all of them at our facility with open arms. Sell used Dell servers or from any other brand, we take all.

Why should I sell my used server to ServerBasket?

When a customer wants to sell their old and used servers then they might be looking for an individual or an organization that offers honest, professional, and trustworthy services. When you sell your server, it may have data left in it that you were not able to erase. This residual data can be used to reconstruct your personal data and it can be potentially dangerous for you. Server Basket is a reputable and verified server buyback service provider that is completely transparent with its procedures. Nothing is hidden from our customers and they have a controlled overview of the complete selling process. We offer the highest price for these servers on the market and you can quickly and easily get rid of your used servers this way.

hassle free and safe recycling

How does the selling of used servers work?

The server selling can be a cumbersome process if one does it all by themselves. They would have to find a suitable buyer who would buy their server at genuine pricing. The buyer should also be transparent about what they will do with the server after that. With Server Basket, you can send us the specifications of your server and we will get back to you with the best quote based on the server’s current market value. Then our shipping team will securely pack the servers from your facility and transport them to us. Now our specialized technicians will examine your server and perform data erasure procedures. After that, it will be sold as a refurbished product or it will be recycled and disposed of in our recycling unit.

Hassle-free and Safe Recycling

At the end of its life, a server would most probably end up in a landfill. Toxic chemicals such as cadmium, mercury, etc. are found in the server components that can cause lots of health hazards for humans, animals, and plants alike. So, disposing of a server responsibly is highly essential for the IT industry. We adhere to strict laws and protocols set forth by the legal bodies while recycling any IT equipment. We carefully check each server component for its worth and if it is unusable further then we proceed to destroy it completely. Precious metals and harmful compounds are extracted from the rubble and they will be used by corporations to manufacture new products. This will reduce mineral extraction and mining and will be beneficial for the environment. Sell old servers to us and help save the environment.


We hope that you now have a better understanding of the server selling process. You know the benefits of selling your used servers and how to conduct that transaction with an honest and professional vendor. Even if you want to do this business with some other platform be sure to check out their complete server selling and recycling process. Ask them to be completely transparent about the process and give you certificates after your servers have been responsibly recycled or traded off to some other individuals. If you have some pending questions and queries about this process then reach out to us anytime. We are available 24 x 7 to make your server selling experience with us smooth and pleasant.

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